Star Spangled Dip

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Make it in: 30 minutes

What we so proudly dip!


1 Bag
Tostitos® Bite Size Tortilla Chips
1 Jar
Tostitos® Medium Chunky Salsa
2 Cans
Fritos Bean Dip
2 Cups
Shredded Cheese
2 cups
Guacamole (Store bought or homemade)
1 Bunch
Chopped Scallions
24 oz. Container Sour Cream
Grape Tomatoes, sliced in half lengthwise
Sliced Olives


  1. Evenly spread your refried beans on the bottom of a 13x9 casserole dish.
  2. Sprinkle the cheddar cheese and scallions. Be generous, this is the good stuff.
  3. Up next, a layer of Tostitos® Medium Chunky Salsa.
  4. After that, add a layer of guac and top it off with sour cream. Use as much sour cream as you need to give your flag a white base.
  5. Build the rows of tomato and Tostitos® Bite Size Tortilla Chips, alternating tomato and chip until you have 3 rows of tomatoes and 3 rows of chips.
  6. When you get to the third chip row, start placing your olive stars on the left half of the top. The spacing of the olives is a row of 6, then a row of 5, until there are 9 rows and 50 stars.
  7. Continue making the tomato and chip stripes on the right side until you have finished all the rows.
  8. Tostitos® Tip: Be sure to drain the olives on a paper towel first so the flag stays white (YAY), not gray (BOO). Enjoy!
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